A Few Tweaks

I’ve just finished making a few tweaks to the site. Please shoot me an email if you see anything untoward. The updates are mainly for the benefit of search engines. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Added <meta name="robots" ... /> tags to control what pages are indexed. I’ve set them up so that permalinks (individual posts) should be indexed, but index pages (main page, category pages, date archive pages) are not. This should prevent Google from listing dozens of hits for what is really a single post. For more info, see this old post (which I’m just getting around to acting on).

  • Added the post title to the page title on permalinks. This way, all my hits on Google won’t be titled “jclark.org”. There are a few Blosxom plugins that can do this; I’m using storytitle. I only made one small code tweak to the plugin, to remove dates from the page title on date archive views. It wasn’t implemented correctly (any date link, including year or year/month/day links, put the year and month in the title), and I didn’t feel like fixing it, so I shut it off. The info is at the top of the page, and Google doesn’t need page titles for index pages now (see prior bullet).

Now I just need to setup a robots.txt, at least to prevent downloads (e.g., source code for Blosxom plugins) from being indexed. I still need to add search, but I’m lazy and Googling is so much easier… just include site:jclark.org in my search and I’m set. In fact, I even created a custom Firefox search extension to let me search my site via Google from Firefox’s toolbar search box… but that’s another post.

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