Better Laptop Browsing with uControl

For as long as I can remember, my Powerbook’s keyboard has annoyed me while I’m reading long texts- most commonly, when I’m reading long pages in Firefox. Due to the size constraints of a laptop, there are no dedicated page up/page down keys. Instead, the up- and down-arrow keys become page up and page down keys, respectively, when you press the Fn key. On my Powerbook, the only Fn key is on the left, between control and option. The arrow keys, of course, are on the right of the keyboard. The result is that it’s impossible to page through a document one handed. (In Firefox, this is somewhat alleviated by the fact that pressing space pages down- unless your cursor is in a form element).

Today, I finally snapped and decided to fix the problem. A quick Google and I had a copy of uControl, an open source (GPL licensed) OS X Preference pane that allows you to remap various meta keys on your keyboard (among other nifty features). Using uControl, I remapped the (useless) enter key on the right side of the keyboard to Fn, and now I can easily page up and down one-handed. Very nice when reading on the couch, Powerbook perched on my lap, frosty beverage in hand.

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