IE Display Glitch

If you’re viewing the site here in Internet Explorer, it’s pretty screwed up right now. In a nutshell:

  1. Get a new browser.
  2. Looks like the overflow rules I’m using for code samples (to add scrollbars) aren’t working in IE. I have some dim recollection of knowing there’s an IE bug around this; I’ll try to fix it tonight.
  3. No, really. Get a new browser.

Update: Got it cleaned up in IE, by adding width to the <pre> tag’s css. Improved the scrollbar bug issue using a tip from Browservulsel, but now my css doesn’t validate. sigh

Looking at the site in IE, I realized that I never went back and added box model hacks where needed. I’m tempted to leave it, but I did put alot of effort into the new layout, so I’ll probably try and clean it up this weekend, along with the css validation bug I introduced tonight.

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