There’s never a good time for your computer to die, but I suppose the timing could be worse. This morning, as I was leaving the house, I stopped at my iMac only to find it was off, and wouldn’t turn on. Tonight I ran through the diagnostic I found on apple’s website. It doesn’t look good. There’s a chance my problem is covered by an Apple extended warranty; I’ve got the right serial number. If my issue is covered, the repair will be free. If it’s not, it’s probably a bad logic board, which can be quite expensive.

Which brings us to the title of this post… Tomorrow Apple is holding a media event, and popular opinion is that Apple will introduce new iMacs. If the repair is going to be too expensive, I’ll probably consider buying a new iMac. Hopefully, with the release of new macs, the current generation of macs will be discounted at my local Apple store. And of course, if the new macs are really cool, I can always get the new model :). So, I’m waiting until tomorrow night to take my poor dead mac to see the genii at the Apple store.

In the meanwhile, blogging from my iPhone is possible, but a bit slow.

Update: Good news! After a two-day wait just to see a Genius, it turns out that my repair qualifies for the extended warranty. Guess that new iMac will have to wait ’till next year. Maybe by then, a non-glossy screen will be available.

The repair will take around a week; in the meanwhile my old Powerbook G4 is back in the rotation, sitting where the iMac should be, sharing my printers to the other Macs in the house, and allowing me to post updates here. With the addition of a USB bluetooth dongle I had laying around, I can even use the iMac’s full size keyboard; add in my trusty MS Intellimouse, and it’s almost like having the iMac back. Almost.

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3 Responses to “Timing”

  1. Sean Rivinus Says:

    Sorry to hear about the Imac. I visited the Apple website today and the news one sure do look nice.

  2. chornbe Says:

    Agreed. The new units look sweet. I’m kind of surprised the ditched the 17″ unit. That’s a bold move in the world of $399 PCs. thumbs up to Apple

  3. jclark.org - Makin’ Copies Says:

    […] Backups are the New Year’s Resolutions of computing. You start out with good intentions, and by the end of January you’re eating Twinkies and you haven’t backed up in weeks. Prior to my iMac’s premature death, by backup strategy was the electronic equivalent of keeping your savings under the mattress- I burned my iPhoto Library to DVDs, copied a few things to another machine when I thought of it, and mostly forgot about it. I kept meaning to do something about it, and then I kept not doing anything about it. I was also dragging my feet because I was waiting for the fancy new Time Machine feature in Leopard, originally due out in June. Nothing could possibly go wrong before Leopard comes out, right? […]