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MacBook Impressions

While at the mall this afternoon, I stopped into the Apple Store briefly to have a look at the new MacBook. As an unabashed Mac fan, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the recent MacBook release so far. Charging $150 for black (the extra 20 gigs of HD space included on the black model only costs $50 if you build-to-order it in the white case) is frankly insulting. I hate glossy screens, and I was dubious about the no-latch magnetic closure. Not to mention the name- it was lousy when the MacBook Pro was anounced (and Powerbook was such a cool name), and it’s still lousy. At least it’s good for a chuckle… as Dave has been heard to say around the office “No man of woman born shall ever defeat MacBook!”

After seeing it in person, my opinion has changed little. The magnetic non-latch did seem much nicer and more secure than I expected, so I’ll withdraw that complaint. But the glossy screen picked up glare and reflections from everywhere. Despite what many claim, I’ve never found the color on glossy displays (Windows laptops or the MacBook) to be better than standard laptops. The BlacBook is still a ripoff. Did I mention that I hate the glossy display? Oh, I tried the funny looking keyboard a bit… types just as well as my 3 year old Powerbook, which keyboard I like quite well.

Prior to the release (and the news of the glossy display), I had been thinking about buy my wife a MacBook. Her Compaq XP laptop is a little older than my Powerbook, and the battery life is abyssmal. She still prefers XP- she just needs to spend some time on a Mac. I figured a dual-boot MacBook would be perfect. Given the power/price ratio on the white MacBook, I probably would have done it… but I just can’t get past the glossy screen. Instead, I’ve ordered a new battery for her old laptop.