HOWTO remove form field completion values in Firefox

By default, Firefox will remember what you type in form fields, and will offer auto-completion of the field the next time you are faced with the same form field. In general, this is useful, but sometimes you may not want an entry remembered. Using the ‘Clear Private Settings’ option in the Preference Dialog you can clear all save form values, but what if you only want to remove one value?

As an example, I just logged into GMail a few minutes ago. On my first attempt, I fat-fingered something and ended up typing my password into the user name field, and pressing Enter. At this point both my username (from prior logins) and my password were cached by Firefox. A malicious user who obtained access to my computer could visit the GMail log-in page, and simply press [down arrow] in the user name field to see both my username and password. I could clear all saved form fields, but I’d rather just remove the password from that field’s saved values.

In IE for Windows, after using [down arrow] to select an item from the drop-down list of remembered values, you can press Delete to remove the item from the list of stored values. This doesn’t work in Firefox; however, a little experimenting revealed that shift-Delete provides the same function in Firefox ( for OS X). I’ll test this on Firefox for Windows tomorrow at work, and update this post.

August Statistics

Yes, more meta-blogging. Hey, at least I’m posting. And it’s been ages since I posted the old browser stats. Here’s the top of the browser breakdown for for August:

1.  FireFox                 46.0 %
2.  MSIE                    25.8 %
3.  Unknown                 12.6 %
4.  Safari                   6.7 %
5.  NetNewsWire              2.1 %
6.  Mozilla                  1.8 %
7.  Opera                    1.8 %
8.  Konqueror                1.6 %
9.  Camino                   0.6 %
10. Netscape                 0.3 %

Item 3, Unknown, is largely composed of feed readers. Lots of feed reeders. Yea for Firefox at number one, but 25%+ of you are still using IE? Have you learned nothing?

And now, stealing shamelessly from Effika, here are the top ten searches for August.

1.  jason clark              2.4 %     62
2.  firefox printing         1.3 %     36
3.  odd/even number rule 
    of star trek movies      1.3 %     35
4.  open source flickr       1.2 %     33
5.  flickr open source       0.9 %     24
6.  perl module version      0.8 %     21
7.  markdown vs textile      0.7 %     19
8.  feed autodiscovery       0.5 %     14
9.  ubuntu mount hard drive  0.5 %     13
10. firefox print            0.5 %     13

Nothing too unexpected here. Not even item 3. Judging by the fact that I haven’t been flooded with email from long-lost friends, I’m guessing item 1 isn’t people looking for me… so who are you looking for?