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And now for something completely different

So, it’s been nearly 5 years since I’ve posted here. And even that 2012 post was an outlier. You’ve got to go back about 9 years to find more than 3 posts in a calendar year. But you know what? I hate navel-gazing, why I do-or-don’t blog posts. Things got busy, life moved on, and I had neither the time nor the inclination to write a blog. But i kept it around, checked the oil level and tire pressure from time to time, and figured it’d always be here if I wanted it. And look, here it is. Cool.

Over the past year or so, I’ve found a little more free time, and I’ve had some other interests kindled/rekindled. I’ve been slowly pursuing an interest in electronics, one that started when I was a kid. I purchased a 3D printer and started learning a bit about 3D modeling. I’ve gotten very interested in metalworking, though I’ve had not time or space to pursue that just yet. And I’ve tried to take on some projects just for the sake of having something fun to pursue, while maybe learning something in the bargain. As a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about writing about these projects. And so here we are.

For a while, I was convinced that I wanted a new blog for my electronics/3d-printing/maker-tinker-whatever projects, especially given how old and dated the rest of the content is around here. Maybe a new path under the main domain. But I soon realized that I was making excuses not to write, instead of writing. So tonight, while waiting on several iterations of a little 3D-printed tool that I designed to print (more later), I figured out how to log in here again, made sure all the latest software updates are installed, and even moved the whole site to SSL (Free cert from Let’s Encrypt, and dead simple setup via Dreamhost). The design may be a bit dated – this just isn’t how websites look in 2017 – but I built this theme, and I like it, so it stays. At least for now. And I may yet add or suchlike as an alternate in to some of this content, but maybe I won’t. The point for now is that I’m writing again. So that’s it for the housekeeping, next post is content. I’ve got a few things in progress, and a list of more projects to work on in the future.

P.S. If you are a long-ago reader who just never unsubscribed in your RSS reader (I said “Long ago”!), and you were surprised to hear a voice from the past, thanks for keeping me around/forgetting to unsubscribe. Hope you’ll find whatever I put here worth staying subscribed for a while longer. I still consume a lot of my daily info via RSS (via Feedbin on the big screen and Reeder on iOS) and it’s always a nice surprise to see a long-silent feed come to life. Hope you agree.