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Two Hundred

Yesterday marked the official end of Dugh’s October Blogging Chalenge. I posted at least once per day from last Sunday through yesterday. I’ll let Dugh judge the other participants, but I hereby claim the offered “bragging rights”, since I actually did it. Dugh seems to be a day late with his Saturday entry, but he offered a lame excuse about his ISP being down so we’ll be nice ;) Kidding aside, this challenge was exactly the kick I needed to get more blogging done, so we’ve upped the ante to a month (30 days) of solid blogging, starting last Sunday as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Dugh. Keep an eye on the Calendar boxlet on the top right to see how I’m doing.

As exciting as post number 7 of the original Challenge was yesteray, this post is even better. This is the 200th post to my weblog. I made my 100th post on New Year’s Day, when I resolved to add 200 posts this year. October 10, and halfway there. Oops. Let’s not talk about the other resolutions.


Boy, what a lousy blogger am I. As part of my recent, er, sabatical from blogging, I completely missed my blog’s first Birthday. My first post was on Aug 14, 2003. Happy belated Birthday, Blog o’ mine.

The last couple of nearly-blogging-free months notwithstanding, I guess it’s been a good a first year. Nearly 175 posts in the first year. My current design may never win any awards, but it beats the original, and its successor. Along the way, I’ve added a few alternate stylesheets, upgraded my feed to RSS2.0, got everything (usually) to validate (html, css, rss). I switched from Textile to Markdown, added comments, added Markdown to my comments, and fought comment spammers. Most recently, I finally added a blogroll. I’ve made some new friends and linked to long time friends. Hopefully I’ve even managed to help people here and there – I’m (currently) still the top Google hit for “xemacs fink panther”, and my moreentries plugin for Blosxom has been used by a few people.

Here’s to another year. Thanks for reading.

Vacation’s End

I’m home now from my (too brief) vacation. Tomorrow I return to work. I’ve decided to end my blogging sabatical, and intend to start posting here again on a regular basis. I’ve got a few interesting things to post from my travels, but my first order of business is to re-enable comments on the site. Before I do, I need to make some changes to help handle the spam comment problem. I have some ideas, but I need to spend a little time on implementation. For now, I have unpacking to finish (sigh), but I’ll be working on the problem over the next few days.

Uh, I’m… I’m not quite dead, sir.

Having been a week since my last blog entry, I thought I’d allay any fears (hopes?) of my demise. Not quite dead, just far too busy. I’ll try to do better next week.

Serendipity check: While thinking of a title for this post (you’ve probably noticed that I fancy myself clever in that department), I considered the old Mark Twain saw “Rumours of my death have been greatly exagerated”. I rejected it for two reasons. First, it’s overused. Second, it seems like I looked up the text for that once before, and it’s not exactly what everyone thinks. Instead I thought of the above quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. While Googling to check the exact wording, I stumbled across the (self-proclaimed) world’s most accurate script, a scene-by-scene script of the movie. Much of the dialog is linked to soundbites of the actual dialog. How cool is that? (The quote itself is from scene 15)

The only downside is that all of the dialog is in Real Audio format. Guess it’s time to go download that spyware free Real Audio distro from the BBC.

I’ve Arrived

When I started this blog last August, I knew I’d be just another small voice in a crowded room roughly the size of Utah. I’ve had alot of fun writing my obscure little blog, and I have really enjoyed meeting a few people via emails and comments on the blog.

However, on Friday I arrived. I’m part of the in-crowd now. First, I got an invitation to Orkut, the Hipper-than-thou, invitation-only Friendster / LinkedIn clone that’s loosely associated with Google, from one of my readers (Thanks Chris!… and I haven’t forgotten about the broken comment system). I haven’t decided if I’m going to join yet- I didn’t do Friendster or LinkedIn, and I’ve read some things about the Orkut terms of use- but I sure was surprised to see the invite in my Inbox. Of course, I’m a week behind the real in-crowd, but I’m not proud. :)

The real clincher was a couple of hours later. Talk about feeling special… I got my first comment spam! Incidentally, if anyone happened to view said comment before I deleted it, appologies. It was pretty tasteless. Oh yeah, and not very smart.

You see, the commenter pasted in a very long list of links to “adult” websites. He even used valid HTML. Then he had to scroll down the page to hit the submit button, scrolling right past the notice that my comment system doesn’t accept HTML yet. So even if Google indexed that page in the hour the comment was up, there were no links. Ah, gee, shucks.

Fortunately, I recently upgraded my writebacks plugin by borrowing some code from Fletcher, adding IP tracking and email notification of new comments. So, as soon as I picked up my Powerbook, I got an email pointing me to the new comment. Two minutes later, it was deleted and the IP address was banned. Incidentally, if you’re running a Blosxom blog, check out Fletcher’s updated writebacks plugin. It combines a number of updates to the original, along with features from some other plugins. I haven’t upgraded mine yet, but I’m planning to. I think I have some other custom code in my existing writebacks, and I need to look over my old code first.