On Editing Online

I author (and edit) my blog entries using the wikieditish plugin for Blosxom. I write nearly all of my content using the textile plugin. While this arrangement works, it isn’t perfect. For example, to show an example xml , I have to escape the < character as & lt; xml /> in the editor. If I need to edit the entry after it is posted, however, encoded characters are unencoded in the textarea of the edit form. This means I have to remember to re-encode such things.

This, and other desired features, is leading me to consider building a new editing plugin for Blosxom. Features I want:

  • Play nice with other plugins, such as textile, wikiwordish, smartypants, others
  • render exactly what’s in the disk file to the edit box, handling escaping on the way.
  • option (checkbox, metatag?) to mark article as being interpolate-fancy exempt; causes auto-escaping of <'s, making it easier to post sample xml text, etc.
  • Preview feature. Saves post with alternate extension, then runs the article through Blosxom in some way that recongnizes the extention, letting you see the post in context of your flavour template(s), without posting to the world; while viewing you can return to re-edit or elect to post. This means seeing content via your standard template, PLUS seeing some kind of editing interface. Perhaps a popup, or frame, or maybe edit plugin fiddles your flavour template directly?
  • Checkboxes (maybe even backed by server- or client-cookie- based preferences) for auto-inserting commonly used meta-tags like meta-markup:textile.
  • This may just be a matter of flavor templating the editing form (a la wikieditish), but I want to see hints for the plugins I use, like textile, etc.
  • more secure passwording than wikieditish
  • would-be-nice-needs-more-thought: ability to accept posts
    via the nAtom API

I’m just pushing the thoughts around inside my head at the moment. If you have additional features you’d like to see in an editing plugin, click the comment link below.

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