XPath Rocks

I’ve been using XPath extensively for a couple of years now. The Excel templating engine I wrote for work accepts only XML as source data. XPath is used within the templates to select the elements to insert into the worksheet. The second version of the engine, which I wrote a year ago, uses even more XML – templates are now completely described in an XML schema designed for the purpose, and requests from the web server to the reporting servers for report creation are formatted in another XML schema. Inside the engine, most all manipulation of the various XML bits is done via XPath instead of DOM accessor methods like getElementByName().

Sam Ruby is currently working with a new weblog system known as Syncato, which stores entries in an XML DB (among other cool XML features). Sam has now enabled XPath searches of his archives, using the Atom and xhtml namespaces. Hover the example search links and checkout the search urls.

This is almost reason enough to switch to Syncato immediately. Add the fact that all presentation is done via XSLT (another XML technology I love), and the case is quite compelling.

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