Now with HTML!

A few weeks ago, when ironing out my RSS feed, I decided to render permalinks as .html instead of .dev. At the time, I implemented a .html ‘flavour’ by hacking .htaccess with some mod_rewrite slyness, converting *.html to *.dev on the way in. It worked, but links on the displayed page pointing to other pages on this site were messed up for some reason.

This has been bugging me. As well, writings on other blogs and in the Blosxom newsgroup regarding URI cruft have had me rethinking my .dev flavour name.

So, I’ve made a copy of the .dev flavour named .html, and made it the default. The old flavour is still around, in case anyone has bookmarks; but moving forward .html will be the standard (well, unless I get rid of extentions entirely… but that’s a subject for another post).

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