From the Ashes

As much as I like Mozilla Firebird, I’ve been using it much less on my Mac than Safari. This is because Firebird doesn’t work when used as the default browser under OS X, when displaying an URL launched from another program. Since I launch many urls from places like NetNewsWire, that has meant alot of browsing without Firebird. Just today, as I caught up on over 350 headlines in NetNewsWire, I considered whether it was time to abandon Firebird on the Mac.

And then I saw this:

New! Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1 for MacOS X contains a number of important enhancements that improve usability on MacOS X. All users of Mozilla Firebird on MacOS X are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately. (’s Firebird Product Page )

It’s fixed. And it loads faster. It’s my default browser once more. Read the Release Notes (includes download link).

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