moreentries 0+1i

I’ve created a new plugin for Blosxom, called moreentries. It creates ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ links when there are more entries than allowed on a page (as determined by the Blosxom config variable $num_entries). This doesn’t affect date-style urls, since Blosxom ignores $num_entries for date urls.

Please note this is the first version. It’s been tested (with thanks to Fletcher T. Penney), but it may have bugs. Please Note: it probably won’t work right with static rendering, since it will require additional pages to be created. I’ll look into this if there is interest.

You can see it in action here on this site.

Download link: moreentries

Update: Fixed download link.
Update #2: Fixed the other download link (in the first paragraph). D’oh!
Update #3: As I stated in the perldocs, this could be done much more efficiently if blosxom.cgi were updated. Lars has suggested an elegant way of doing just that. If you’d like to patch your blosxom.cgi, check it out. If Rael releases an offical update to blosxom.cgi to include such a change, I’ll release a new version of the plugin to take advantage of it. This version will remain as well, for those using the current Blosxom version.

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13 Responses to “moreentries 0+1i”

  1. Scott Mellgren Says:

    Nice plugin, I have it installed now (at the bottom). Well documented in the perldoc and at the yahoo group. Thanks for the good work.

  2. Terrence Says:

    Thanks for the great plugin! Paginate just wasn’t doing it for me (not being able to work in the category sections was a bummer) so your plugin fits the bill nicely. And it works with the find plugin too!

  3. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the feedback<br/>

    Glad to know this is helpful to others. It wanted to make sure it would work with find (thanks again for the testing, Fletcher) and other plugins that do filtering. Although I don’t use find on this site, I’m working on another that will make heavy use of find and/or similar search tools. If anyone uses this with other ‘filtering’ type plugins, I’d love some feedback.

  4. Mark Says:

    A small fix…<br/>

    My site is all included using SSI. To get moreentries to work, I had to add the following line (out of blosxom.cgi) to the plugin source to make sure the links didn’t show up with a “included://” URL: $url =~ s/^included:/http:/; # Fix for Server Side Includes (SSI) I added it right after this code: #setup prevlink, nextlink my $url = blosxom::self_url(); Thanks for a great plugin! (works much better than the paginate plugin for my site.) Mark

  5. Julian Says:

    Static rendering?<br/>

    You mentioned looking into getting your plugin to work with static rendering… and that you’d look into this if there were interest.. well, I’m interested, how can I help?

  6. Mads Orbesen Troest Says:

    Small bug in V0+1i<br/>


    I just pulled V0+1i of “moreentries” from and installed it, and immediately got an Internal Server Error from Apache.

    After a bit of poking about, I found out that apparently you’ve forgotten to comment out a debug print-statement in line 71: print STDERR “TOTALPOSTS=’$totalposts’\n”;

    The fact that this is output before the content-type messes up the webserver – putting a # in front of it fixed the problem.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Jason Says:



    Thanks for the feedback. The debugging output you cite should probably commented out; however it is being printed to STDERR, not STDOUT, so it should end up in your webserver error log, not in the output stream that goes to your browser. If your webserver is configured to put STDERR messages into STDOUT, you may see debugging info and other messages from other Blosxom plugins in your web pages as well. This could be a webserver config issue, or you could be using a blosxom plugin that diverts STDERR into STDOUT for ease of debugging. You may want to try to get STDERR pointed into your error logs to avoid any further issues.

  8. Michael Pereckas Says:

    Fantastic! Just what I was looking for. One issue, though, is that it is producing next/previous urls of the form rather than the preferable The preferred base URL is set in blosxom.cgi, but isn’t used here. Maybe I’m just not configured correctly somewhere….

  9. Fred Avolio Says:


    Great stuff. Thanks! Very nice.

  10. henning Says:

    this is<br/>

    beautiful. thank you very much. also motivates me to learn some perl myself.

  11. Geoff Says:

    This plugin is excellent. Thank you very much for making it.

  12. Paul Says:

    This plugin appears to be exactly what I’m looking for, but sadly I use static rendering…

  13. M.J. Says:

    No matter what I do, adding $moreentries::links to the page doesn’t make actual links show up. Could you suggest some troubleshooting tips?