Remember dial-up? What a terrible thing to do to one’s self.

I’m away from home right now, visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving (for which I have a post rolling around in my head, need to do that). It’s wonderful, except I’m disconnected. No wi-fi, no high-speed internet, no sir. In fact, I don’t even have dial-up on my Powerbook at the moment… I’m blogging this from my wife’s Compaq Presario laptop.

You see, way back in the mists of time, our first home internet connection was a trial subscription to AOL. Because my wife does so much business online, with an AOL email address, we’ve never gotten rid of the service (a matter I hope to remedy one day). My cable internet provider, Comcast, does not provide dial-up (I think they have something hokey with a third party, but I’ve never managed to track it down), and so our AOL account is our emergency dial-up solution. Of course, when I installed Panther recently, I formatted and started from scratch, and forgot to stick AOL for Mac on it… so no dial-up for the Mac. Oops. At least until I venture out to any retail store in the known universe, where I can pick up an AOL CD at the checkout.

Meanwhile, I don’t have the patience for web-mail, so I’m disconnected from my mail as well. I’m semi-ambivalent about this, because I am on vacation, and I’m enjoying relaxing. But I do have a few projects I want to tinker with, and sooner or later I’ll miss my e-mail and aggregator.

There is a Panera Bread Co. store about 15 minutes from here. In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is the bakery/bread store chain that offers free (as in beer!) wi-fi access in many of their stores. They see it as a service to customers (like a bathroom), instead of as a revenue source (like a coin-op bathroom- remember those?), which I applaud. I’m dying to go check them out, spend some money, and use the wifi. I promise to blog an entry from there if I make it.

Meanwhile, I’m either disconnected, or at the best (dial-up on XP), misconnected.

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