How to Lose my Business

Compusa (no link provided, you know who they are) has lost my business. Forever. Want to lose my business too? Learn from them.

At Christmas time, my wife asked me for a list of gift ideas, and hinted the Compusa’s web site was offering free shipping. I sent her links to three items on the Compusa website: A firewire harddrive, a firewire DVD burner (from LaCie), and a Griffith Powermate. She got a little carried away and bought all three.

Before I ever opened the DVD burner, I learned that Apple’s iDVD only works with Apple SuperDrives. Since I wanted to use iDVD, I decided to return the LaCie. I’ll get by burning Video CD’s for a while, and by a new Mac sometime in the next year (G5. Mmmmm.) This is good news for Compusa, since they are the closest Apple retailer. By far. The nearest Apple store is an hour away. Also, I live in a tax-free state, and the Apple store is in the next state over… so I’d pay tax there. I bought my 15″ Powerbook from Compusa less than a year ago.

However, Compusa has a 14 day return policy. As in, 14 days from the date on your receipt. Even on web orders, which means you effectively have less than 14 days. Even though the item was a gift. Even though it’s never been opened.

Congratulations, Compusa. The $3000+ I will probably spend in the next year on a G5 Desktop will not be spent with you. Good work.

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  1. Lou Quillio Says:

    CompUSA Horror Story<br/>

    In February I spent more than $1,000 in my local CompUSA: two Airport Extremes and a passel of other stuff. Then I spotted a Targus CoolPad, a white one in their Apple section. Bought it, loved it, ran straight back and bought the remaining two CoolPads on their shelf, as gifts for my mom and sister. $30 each. Didn’t keep the receipt. They were gifts: what could go wrong? A week later, before giving the CoolPads, I spotted a big stack of black CoolPads in another part of the store. Since my sister and mother have Windows laptops, black seemed a better choice. Why’d they have them in different parts of the store, anyhow? Back I go with the two shrink-wrapped white CoolPads, and ask the kid to do a straight exchange. He gets on the phone. Hangs up and tells me he can do it for $25 each, something about “most recent sale price.” Huh? Makes no sense. Is there somebody else I can talk to? Manager comes out of the back. $25 each or no deal, and he’s doing me a favor at that. Dude, there’s no way I’m gaming the store. Came in with goods, plan to leave with goods. No cash involved. Besides, you’ve got maybe twenty black ones and no white ones; I know, because I cleaned you out. No deal. $25 each, take it or leave it. I left it. Never goin’ back. Can’t. Told my sister and mom that they could exchange them, though, just say they were gifts and in the wrong color. Guess what happened. They got black CoolPads, no problem.