Understated Elegance

As I’ve alluded to, I’d like to revamp my site layout a bit, but I’m not a designer. Changing the look would also give me another reason to make time to experiment with Fletcher’s new blosxcss project for reusable Blosxom site layouts.

I am on this topic because today I ran across a site that made an immediate visual impact, one of understated elegance. That site is dugh’s sp.ookee.com, a member of the ookee.com network. Sp.ookee features a fantasticly minimalist layout, but doesn’t look plain or unstyled. Plenty of negative space. Font sizes all seem appropriate to the task. No demarcation between content and sidebar, as none seems needed. The site tree at the top of the page is compact and eminantly useful.

I think my favorite part of the layout is the date headers. The are reverse-indented, which is to say, everything else on the page is indented. They use dots instead of slashes in the dates, which combined with the large-font-sized, bolded Georgia (numbers look fantastic in Georgia), seems very sophisticated. Best of all, the letter-spacing is expanded quite a bit. It doesn’t scream “elegance”… because it doesn’t need to scream.

He’s even using my moreentries plugin. Talk about classy ;)

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5 Responses to “Understated Elegance”

  1. britta Says:

    sp.ookee is nice…i like a bit more line-height, though.

  2. Sean Rivinus Says:


    Very nice layout. I really the splashes of colors with the side bar on the right.

  3. Jason Clark Says:


    Britta makes a good point. I chose to increase the line height on this site for ease of reading. I do think that sp.ookee’s use of standard lineheight helps to hold block elements together, giving tighter look overall.

  4. dugh Says:


    thank you for the kind words! it’s kind of funny how people react to a final “product” when i’m still in the mindset of much changes from the original through all its incarnations (goto http://www.archive.org/ and do a search for the site; the first version… cringe). the first redesign was to mimic the output of a typewriter. obviously it’s changed further! and i’m glad it is appreciated. for blosxom users i intend to eventually roll out a theme. thanks again! ps: i may play with the line height… it’s a good idea to always experiment!

  5. Jason Clark Says:

    First Versions<br/>


    I don’t know, I think I can one up you… my first version used an inexplicably cruel shade of green as a background color, known to make grown men weep. You can see it in all its gory glory… http://jclark.org/weblog/index.rev0 (your have to cut and paste, HTML is broken in my comments currently). I’ve tried to keep my older versions as alternate Blosxom flavours. I think rev1 and rev2 work as well. For the life of me, I can’t think why I chose that color.

    I’m not available on archive.org… the previous owner(s) are, but the layouts are mostly broken images.