Musical Chairs

Recently I wanted to move some MP3s from my work PC to my Powerbook. My Powerbook was not on the network, and I didn’t really want to connect it. I did have a 128M USB thumb drive handy, and decided to move the files in batches. But how best to collect them? I use iTunes on both machines, but iTunes organizes the files into per-artist and per-album directories. Since I was going to making a few trips (multiple batches), I didn’t want to try and copy the directories; once you run out of space, it’s a pain figuring out what was copied and what wasn’t.

Playing a hunch, I fired up iTunes on the Windows PC, and opened the thumb drive in Explorer. All of the songs I wanted to copy were in one playlist, so finding them was easy. I then selected a bunch, and dragged them from iTunes and dropped them in Explorer. iTunes Did The Right Thing and copied files onto the drive. When the drive was full, I pulled it out and plugged it into the Powerbook. I opened the mounted drive in Finder, selected all the MP3s, and dragged them onto the Library icon in iTunes. Again, iTunes copied the files… this time, into the iTunes directory tree.

A few more round-trips, and all my music was moved. With a bigger device, I could have made it in one trip. And everything Just Worked the way you would expect (and want). Very Nice.

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  1. archtop Says:

    I use a Sansdisc Cruzer VERY often to move files between PC and Mac platforms and find that it is often the easiset method.