Links, I Think

Welcome to the inaugural post of my newest category: CoolStuff/Potpourri. This category will host short lists of incongruous items. Mostly link-dumpage, but also perhaps random thoughts, curious facts, and whatever else comes to mind. Possibly a precursor to a side-blog, if this category gets used too much. Without further ado….

  • has some wonderful, original short-story fiction. Reminds me of a resolution I made (Personal, #4… as yet unfulfilled).
  • un:parsed is a new Blosxom blog, and a stunning demonstration of the power of simplicity. A very elegant, minimalist design. Yet another nail in the coffin of my current site layout. :)

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2 Responses to “Links, I Think”

  1. dugh Says:

    nail in the coffin<br/>

    i hope you’re not thinking of dumping your layout. i rather like it! it’s a very smart design, easy to read and browse… it is also very different from my site and un:parsed; you use color which is my biggest weak spot (i have no eye for color). i think your site is distinctive as it is, but that’s me…

  2. Jason Says:

    My site design<br/>

    Thanks dugh. I do want to redo this site, but not necessarily too dramatically. I mostly like the colors (and need to add some new color schemes), but I’d like to streamline some of the info in the “boxlets” on the right side of the page. I may do some font tweaking, adjust some sizes, etc. I’m not quite sure what I want, I just know that the current layout isn’t exactly it. Right now I’m just letting it all percolate for a while, hoping insipration will strike. Besides, this is Blosxom… I can always leave the existing layout around as an alternate flavour.