Time Wasted

Things have been quiet here for several days, because my time has been tight. I’ve had alot going on offline; online I’ve been working on a website design concept. Having a good photograph at my disposal, I decided to go for Eric Meyer’s complexspiral effect.

If you are using Internet Explorer, don’t bother clicking that link until you’ve downloaded a real browser (like, say, Firefox). Because IE doesn’t correctly support CSS1 (specifically, background-attachment:fixed), this fantastic effect doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the site I’m doing this design for needs to work with IE. Somehow, I had forgotten that IE doesn’t support this effect, and so I’ve spent around 6 hours over the last couple of days putting together a layout based on this effect.

Back to the drawing board.

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One Response to “Time Wasted”

  1. Sean Says:

    Browswer Display<br/>

    The demo page looks ok in IE6. It has the image displayed twice, but does detract from the viewing of the page. I would agree that you cannot ignore designing for IE since it is probably the most widely used browser right now.