Greasing the Weasel

Comcast has been recently been bragging in their advertising that they have “doubled” the speed of Comcast Hi-speed Internet service. Of course, what they have really done is increased the speed your modem is allowed to work at. Since all cable users on a local trunk share a connection, cable modems have “governors” in them to make sure no one takes too big a slice of the bandwidth pie.

I don’t know if the recent increase indicates that they’ve improved their equipment, that they overestimated the load such speeds would put on their pipe, or if they just aren’t selling enough broadband, but I do know I like it. I just finished downloading all 169 Megs of OpenOffice 1.0.3 for Mac OS X (w/X11) in 7:47. Average speed was around 370K per second. Faster than a greased weasel.

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One Response to “Greasing the Weasel”

  1. alex Says:

    as a (polar)weasel…<br/>

    …I must object to your portrayal of weasels as only as fast as a cable-modem connection. We’re far faster than that, even ungreased. ;-)