It’s Alive… Alive!

As I noted previously, my TiVo required a reboot the a couple of days ago, after which It reported a severe error. This was accompanied by instructions to wait three hours while it tried to phone home for repairs. I went to bed before the three hours were up.

When I checked on it again last night, it was still displaying the error message. Before calling customer service as directed, I decided to try one more time. I performed a reboot with extreme prejudice (a.k.a. unplugging), and waited while it cycled through startup screens. Three or four minutes later, success!

While I love my TiVo, and do not begrudge TiVo, Inc. the $13 a month I pay for programming info, this episode has gotten me thinking once again about exploring MythTV. One of the things I’d really like to do is run MythTV on my existing TiVo hardware, since A) I already paid for it, B) It’s got a hardware MPEG-2 encoder built in, and C) it’s already a working Linux box. Accoring to the MythTV docs, you can’t run MythTV on TiVo hardware. It seems to me that when I read the documentation several months ago, the stated reason was that the MythTV interface runs under X windows, and the TiVo couldn’t run X11. However, the 0.14 release notes state that directfb is now supported; throw in QT/embedded and X is no longer required.

Unfortunately, the documentation now states that the TiVo has non-standard hardware for which no drivers (or programming info) exist. Of course, Tivo has released their kernel mods (GPL), but that doesn’t mean they had to release custom drivers. Still, I remeain hopeful. I’ve been looking for any related threads in mailing list archives, so far with no luck. If anyone knows more, please comment below.

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One Response to “It’s Alive… Alive!”

  1. Eric Says:

    Must Be Possible!<br/>

    A while back I wanted to build a MythTV box, but when I looked into it, the cost was prohibitive for me. I recently broke down and bought a 40-hour TiVo which I really like, but, like you, I’m not a fan of the $13 monthly fee.

    So I want to run MythTV on my TiVo box since all the hardware is there and MythTV seems to be very awesome with nearly no limits on what you can do with it and no monthly fee.

    I still haven’t found any information on drivers for the proprietary hardware, but I’m convinced this info can be found somewhere. I’m still looking…