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Since my previous post on resources for those studying Spanish, I’ve found a few more. Here are some of my favorites:

  •’s Spanish Dictionary – I mentioned in my last post that had not found an English-to-Spanish online dictionary that I like. I’ve finally found one. It’s the online version of the Collins Consise Spanish Dictionary. In addition to providing English translations for Spanish words and vice versa, it also lists common phrases that use the word with translations. A “See Also” list includes words with similar spellings. Unlike several Spanish dictionaries I’ve tried, searching for a conjugated form of a verb returns the infinitive version of the verb. A definition link provides access to full dictionary definitions in the original language. For a good example, look at this entry for the Spanish verb tener (to have).

  • – Spanish reader Choan C. Gálvez recommended this dictionary site. The interface is primarily in Spanish (which is good and bad). There are a number of nice features here, including verb conjugations. However, after running several lookups, I started getting a screen that seemed to be requiring a login. I couldn’t translate the whole page, but it looks like this is a pay site with limited free searches per day. For comparison, here’s the entry for tener.

  • Mundo Du – “Short stories, surprising tales” is the subtitle of this Spanish language short story site. Choan is a contributing author on this site. This is just the kind of practice I need… it also shows how much I have left to learn.

  • Cuentos de Cien Palabras – Another literary site, the name says it all – “One Hundred Word Stories”. These seem just the right length for someone like me who has to look up every other word. Thanks again to Choan for the pointer.

  • – This is the blog of Diego Martín Lafuente, focusing on technology and design. It’s a great, clean looking site. The level of difficulty is way over my head right now, but the subject matter is right up my alley. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed, and I’ll continue trying to read it. This find was true serendipity… I stumbled across this while playing around on I was looking at who else had bookmarked articles I had bookmarked, and noticed that one entry had Spanish keywords. Looking through that user’s bookmarks list, I found this blog.

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    Thank you and feel free to comment in english or pour spanish in my weblog. Also, last month I was thinking about to write my weblog in English, just to connect stuff from spanish blogosphere to english blogosphere.

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