Comments Return

After a three week hiatus due to comment spammers, comments have returned to I have cleaned up all of the spam- at least I think so. If you should see any lurking in the comments, please shoot me an email.

I’ve also made some changes to (hopefully) reduce spam. It isn’t perfect, but it should prevent the types of attacks I’ve been seeing. Time will tell, I suppose. I’m not going to release any details about my changes yet; I want to see how they work, and I’d rather not let the cat out of the bag just yet. I’ll probably end up posting the details later, although increased usage will probably lead to the spammers working around it. Spammers are scum.

The rest of you, however, are invited to leave me a comment!

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Comments Return”

  1. Jonathan Hollin Says:

    I hope your new defences work for you. I put a lot of effort into preventing comment spam on my blog and, as yet, no spam has slipped through, so the effort is worthwhile.

    Now, if only I could come up with some defences against referrer spam…

  2. David Engel Says:


    I would be curious at to what additions you made to writeback for this. I’m having some extended problem with my site at the moment – while I am busy IRL – but the comment system for Blosxom was always one of my pet peeves, as well.

    I think the addition of Markdown is great, though I am more familiar with Textile, so I am hoping to be able to add it. The other possibility is one of those rediculous WYSIWYG textbox editing systems.

  3. Jason Says:


    Thanks for the feedback, Jonathan. Your article on implementing Catchpas was very good. (By the way, the link doesn’t seem to work; you can read Jonathan’s post here). I haven’t decided how I feel about catchpas, given the non-accessible nature of the system. Your implementation looks like it would be easy to encapsulate as a Blosxom plugin, as well.

  4. Jason Says:

    Writeback mods<br/>

    David –

    One of these days I’ll probably get around to documenting and releasing a copy of all my mods to writeback. For now, I’ll just say that the spam I was seeing was obviously automated, and targeted at Blosxom blogs using writeback, so I just made some tweaks to the plugin and my templates to make it a bit different from the “standard” writeback.

    Also, since I’d already added e-mail notification to my copy of writeback for each comment post, I added code to look for attempts to post comments using the standard writeback layout; and I mail those to myself as spam attempts. Kinda looking forward to seeing one of those, :)

    Regarding Markdown v. Textile… every entry on this blog was written in Textile until Markdown came along, and I really liked it… but as soon as I tried Markdown, I installed it on my site and haven’t looked back. As I’ve mentioned before, the best thing about it is that the syntax follows popular plain-text email conventions. It’s easy to read the raw “Markdown”, and it’s very easy to write. I find that I’m much faster composing posts in Markdown than I ever was in Textile.

  5. Matt H Says:

    I’ll be sure to come back in a while and see how it works. I have to admit I’m only posting because I’m curious about how it works! :)