You CAN take it with you…

…at least in the case of Mozilla Firebird. David Tenser’s Firefox Help has a set of simple instructions for setting up Firefox for Windows to run from a USB memory stick or other removable media device, including a copy of your profile. Now you can run Firefox (with all of your bookmarks, plugins, skins, and settings) from any Windows PC with a USB port, in moments. Groovy.

While my primary personal machine is my Mac Powerbook, I do use a Win2K machine all day at work, and I have Firefox customized for my use. I’d bet that creating a similar portable setup for OS X or Linux would be just as easy, however, carrying a Win install around on my 64 Meg USB thumb drive is probably the best for flexibility. For example, the internet cafe I used in St. Andrews, New Brunswick recently while on vacation had PCs, not Macs. Wish I’d had Firefox on my thumbdrive then.

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2 Responses to “You CAN take it with you…”

  1. Jason Shao Says:

    Why not dual-platform?<br/>

    The really cool trick would have to be installing a Mac version of firefox on the stick as well, and having both copies point to the same directory. That way you could plug it into your Mac at home…

    Of course, I prefer Safari myself (spellchecking in textareas is the greatest thing ever)

  2. Jason Says:

    Double up<br/>

    Excellent Idea, Jason. I may add the OS X Version of Firefox to my mem stick, although my Powerbook is the only Mac I usually come in contact with, and I’ve already got Firefox on it, setup just like my home & work Win boxes.

    I was a big fan of Safari when it was first released (it introduced me to tabbed browsing, for which I’m eternally grateful), but I switched to Firefox (when it was still Phoenix) so I could have the same browser environment across platforms. Add to that some of the developer features (DOM inspector; Chris Pederick’s awsome Developer toolbar extension, which I need to blog about), and I haven’t really looked back.