Dear Weblog

Dear Weblog,

I know you think I’ve forgotten you. You think we’ve grown apart. I know it’s August 30, and this is my first update for August. I know I made a New Year’s resolution to hit 300 entries, and that this is only entry 173. I know, I know.

The truth is, I haven’t forgotten. My computing time (outside the office) has been in a dramtic slump for months. My Bloglines account is overflowing with unread content. Even as I type this, my Powerbook is busy downloading OS X Software Updates that are months old.

What does this mean for you, my weblog? Only time will tell. I have no plans to let you go, but I hate to see you languish. The good news is, I’m doing web development at work for the first time in years; this is definately putting me in the mood to catch up on my reading (and writing). I’ve already got several posts rattling around in my skull. The bad news is, Summer is ending and the kids are about to head back to school (and extracurriculars), so life’s only going to get busier.

Besides, look at the bright side… with no recent comments, those nasty comment spammers have been largely ignoring you. I know how dirty they make you feel.

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2 Responses to “Dear Weblog”

  1. Sean Says:


    Good to see you made it back to the weblog.

  2. dugh Says:

    good to see you again! if you’re planning on making that 300 posts still i’m looking forward to a LOT of reading…! anyways, it’s good to know, even if i’m missing good reading material, that you’ve been keeping busy.