Developer Humor

Sometimes we get a little punchy around the office on a Friday afternoon. I came up with an idea in the middle of a debugging conversation, and had to run with it. If you’re not at least passingly familiar with C, it just isn’t funny; don’t waste your time.

user: what’s a handle?

hacker: No, *what‘s a pointer.

user: I don’t know. What is a pointer?

hacker: Yes.

user: But where is the data?

hacker: No, &where is the address. The data is there.

user: where?

hacker: The address.

user: So where’s the pointer?

hacker: No, *what‘s the pointer. &where's the address.

user: And the pointer?

hacker: *what.

user: The pointer?

hacker: *what.


hacker: *what!

user: Forget it.

hacker: No, you can’t forget(it), you need a handle for that

user: But what’s a handle?

hacker: No, *what‘s a pointer.

user: I can’t handle this anymore.

hacker. That’s because this is an object. You have to use this->handle().

user: what handle?

hacker: No, *what‘s a pointer.

user: I don’t know! I don’t understand it!

hacker: it‘s just an integer, which is why you can’t forget(it)

user: I need a handle for that?

hacker: No, that() returns a handle.

user: And what is that?

hacker: A function that returns a handle.

user: But what’s a handle?

hacker: No, *what‘s…

user: A pointer! I got it. But what does it point to?

hacker: it‘s not a pointer, it‘s an integer.

user: Fine. what’s an integer?

hacker: No, it‘s an integer. *what‘s a pointer.

user: I quit.

hacker: Be sure you return an exit code.

user: But I didn’t take one!

hacker: What are you talking about?

user: !!

With apologies to Laurel and Hardy Abbot & Costello.

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5 Responses to “Developer Humor”

  1. dugh Says:

    did you happen…<br/>

    to see this?

  2. Jason Says:


    Markdown mangled dugh’s link, it’s a good read.

  3. chornbe Says:

    I’m still thinking there’s a T-Shirt in there:

    *what's a handle?
    No, *what's a pointer.

    Nothing like geek humor.

  4. MPTurner Says:

    Please apologize to Abbott & Costello as well. :o)

  5. Jason Says:

    MPTurner: Done. Can’t believe that went uncaught for three years. Thanks!