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Calendar Bug

Once again, is causing me grief. From time to time, my whole site goes all “500 Server Error” until I can log in and check it out. Every time it seems to be a problem with the Calendar plugin’s cache file, as managed by Normally, I just nuke the old cache file, Calendar automagically creates a new one, and all is well. This time however, deleting the old cache file is having no effect; a new one is created, but Storable still blows a gasket whilst magic number checking it.

So, for now, I’ve taken the low road, and disabled Calendar entirely. I’ll try to have a closer look tonight and see what’s going on. As usual, if I learn anything that could be useful to others, I’ll post it here.

Update: Tried turning it on again a few days later (deleted cache again), and now everything’s fine. shrug

Monday Night Football

The Philadelphia Eagles are on Monday Night Football tonight, playing the Vikings. Should be a great game. Being an Eagles fan, I’ve been meaning to add an Eagles stylesheet to my style switcher for a while. Found a round tuit under the cushions in my sofa this weekend, so I gave it a whirl.

The Eagles stylesheet is the first on the site to use images. I tried to go for a subtle effect, noticible when you focus on it, but not distrating when you try to read the text. I think it came out okay, your milage may vary. And of course, it all looks MUCH better on a Mac.

If I updated my site correctly, the Eagles stylesheet should be the new default, and any selection you previously made on the styleswitcher should be forgotten. If not, choose the Philedelphia Eagles style in the switcher menu on the right (scroll down) and check it out.


Update: Eagles 27, Vikings 16. Styleswitcher has reverted to your previously saved settings, but the Eagles stylesheet is still available. Go Birds!

Avast, Landlubber!

Aaarrr! Today do be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Raise a mug o’ grog in honor of Rob Hague, a scurvy bilge-rat if ever there was one, who created the blog-like-a-pirate plugin fer Blosxom! It do be makin’ me whole site seaworthy today! Shiver me timbers!

I extended his bit o’ magic with a spot o’ my own… I added support for a meta tag, ‘meta-aarg’. If it be present, and if it be ‘false’, no translation be done. This be so that I can write a post in pirate-speak without a double-dose of “Aaarr!”. That way this here post can remain pirate-friendly even after the rest o’ the blog do be back to normal.

Also, a mug fer me matey dugh, tho’ a rum swabby he do be. I near fergot, ’til an’ he reminded me! An’ if ye do be a landlubber, shove off!


My RSS reading has been way behind for months now, coinciding with the long stretch of time I wan’t actively blogging. I’ve been try to get caught up (via Bloglines) now for a few weeks now, but there’s still alot of feeds I haven’t read yet. Last weekend, after seeing Pwylla’s 9/11 post, I decided to link to it from my 9/11 post. Then I used my blogroll (powered by my Bloglines subscriptions) to visit all of the blogs I subscribe to, looking for other posts to link to. In the process, I found a number of blogs not updated for months, and one or two sites completely gone.

Since that time I’ve been meaning to prune my RSS subscriptions and clean up my blogroll. Finally got around to doing so. I’ve tweaked the categories a bit and re-ordered them. Reordering is always a pain in Bloglines- one of my few complaints about the site- you have to re-add items to their containers, which pushes them to the bottom of the list. Eventually, I got them ordered the way I wanted.

I then visted each site to see if they still exist, are updating, and are still of interest. In the end I unsubscibed from a handful. I also created a new Bloglines folder “Silent” where I’ve moved sites that haven’t updated in several months or more. When a feed becomes active, I’ll move it to another folder. I made the folder private to keep it off the blogroll; I also tagged a couple of other things private just to reduce blogroll clutter (like software update feeds). The blogroll is looking much more svelte as a result.

Perl Module Tips

This a bit of pre-emptive blogging, for the next time I forget. Those of you with stronger Perl-fu than I already know these things.

How to check if a module is installed:

No output indicates success : perl -MMODULENAME -e1

For example: perl -MHTML::Embperl -e1

How to check the version number of an installed module:

Assumes the module uses $VERSION, but then, most CPAN modules do) : perl -MMODULENAME -e’print “$MODULENAME::VERSION\n”;’

For example: perl -MHTML::Embperl -e’print “$HTML::Embperl::VERSION\n”;’

How to determine where a module is installed:

Lists every dir used by the module, including man pages, etc. Should be entered on one line. :

perl -MExtUtils::Installed 
  -e'$,="\n";print ExtUtils::Installed->new()->directories("MODULENAME")," "'

For example:

perl -MExtUtils::Installed
  -e'$,="\n";print ExtUtils::Installed->new()->directories("HTML::Embperl")," "'

This technique relies on ExtUtils::Installed, which is part of the standard Perl distro these days.