Assorted Bits

Haven’t done a link dump in for-ages, and still don’t have a linkblog going. Here’s a few bits and bobs I’ve been looking at lately.

  • Simon Willison discusses a very clever bookmarklet by Nic Wolfe to help you manage your passwords. Click the bookmarklet and get prompted for a Master Password. This is combined with the domain of the website you are visiting to “create” a password for the site, which is auto-pasted into all password fields on the page. The “created” password is an MD5 hash of your master password and the domain name. This means your Master Password and your created password are never stored anywhere. Just use the bookmarklet from any browser, anywhere- use the same master password and you always create the same site password for any site, and every site is different.

    Check out both links, including the comments at Simon’s site. There are a few issues with the bookmarklet. I’ve been taking a shot at resolving them. May have something to post soonish.

  • Been meaning to learn XUL, the UI language of Mozilla browsers, and other bits related to Firefox extension programming. Found a few resources: XulPlanet, Firefox Extension Tutorial, Mozilla Application Object Model reference.

  • I also have a copy of Nigel McFarlane’s Rapid Application Development with Mozilla on the way. I usually go for O’Reilly books, but their Mozilla Dev book is pretty out of date, an I’m interested in Firefox dev.

  • Remember Magic Eye Puzzles, aka Stereograms? Check out one in ASCII.

  • dugh at has challenged all comers to a week of solid blogging. Since I actually managed to post the last couple of days, I’m going to try and up the ante, and post every day in October. This post counts.

  • They didn’t play their best game of the season today, but the Eagles did beat Chicago to go 4-0 on the season. Be sure to check out the Style links below on the right for the exclusive Eagles Stylesheet (if it’s not already active). Next week is the dreaded bye. Go Birds!

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5 Responses to “Assorted Bits”

  1. dugh Says:

    no fair!<br/>

    i can’t exactly meet your ante when i’ve already missed two days… but i will do my best to keep up. i post to three different sites… would it count if only made one post on any of the three sites? :)

  2. Jason Says:


    We’ll ignore the first and second since I didn’t think of it in time, but let’s add Nov 1, for a full 30 days of blogging.

    As to three sites, I think you’re trying to pad your lead ;) I know about and the Blosxom User Group, what’s the third one?

  3. dugh Says:!<br/>, of course! i think i could manage posting daily to that one and to sp.ookee, but the BUG might be a bit hard since there just isn’t enough material i’m qualified to comment on. besides, i have to work and i do like to have a social life! but ok, i will try to keep up with you and go a full 30 days…

  4. Jason Says:

    The challenge<br/>

    You know, I’ve been reading for so long I forget that is a whole other site! Guess it’s time to add that feed to my Bloglines subscriptions. Done!

    I didn’t mean you should post once at every site… But to be fair, is more of a link/comment blog. Let’s call it 30 days of posts on, with bonus points for 30 days on

  5. dugh Says:

    i’m devestated!<br/>

    you don’t read daily with rapt attention and find yourself irrational and irritated if you notice we hadn’t posted something -anything!- yet? sigh is definately more of a linkblog, though we try every once in a while to make it more than that. we’ll do reviews sometimes, and regularly post top fives and questions of the week. we’re always looking for reviews if you’re eer interested in another location to have articles up…