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My list of installed Firefox Extensions has grown recently. In an effort to document what I’m using for future reference (the next time I need to setup FFx on a new machine), here’s a list of what’s currently installed, along with a brief blurb about what it is and what I think of it.

  • ChromEdit 0.1.1

    Lets you edit userChrome.css, userContent.css, prefs.js and user.js without having to hunt for (or create) them. Quick tip: Go to Floppymoose.com, open their custom userContent.css, and paste it into your own. This creates User Stylesheet rules to hide images from many common ad sites. Update: A newer version of the ad blocking list, based on the floppymoose list, is available from mozilla.org.

  • del.icio.us 0.3.2

    Adds context menu with entries to post current page or link to del.icio.us, find current page there, or to open your del.icio.us links/tags/inbox. Compatible with nutr.itio.us. Also adds a toolbar button for posting to del.icio.us (not displayed by default – Customize Toolbars to get it).

  • Feed Your Reader 0.7.1

    Changes the Live Bookmarks ‘RSS’ icon to subscribe to the feed instead of creating Live Bookmarks. Can subscribe via more than 15 different aggregators, including Bloglines and any application that supports the feed:// protocol.

  • fireFTP 0.83.2

    While still a little rough around the edges, this graphical FTP client that runs via Firefox (in a separate window) is exciting – I’ve been looking for a good, cross-platform, open-source graphical FTP client for a while. I even submitted a (1 line) patch to get it working on OS X… thanks in part to a debug build that author Mime Cuvalo sent me. I plan to spend some time contributing on this if I can find any.

  • ListZilla 0.5

    Exports a list of all installed themes or extensions as text, html, or vBulletin codes. I used this to start this list. I have a few improvements I’d like to see in this one; I might even try submitting a patch when I can find two spare moments to rub together. Top of my list- let me ‘export’ to clipboard instead of a file, and let me edit the HTML template. Markdown output would also rock.

  • LiveHTTPHeaders 0.9

    The first indispensible debugging aid I found for Firefox. Displays a trace window of all request and response headers. Perfect for debugging web services.

  • Print It! 0.2

    Simple little plugin that adds context menu entries to Print and Print Preview. The single biggest feature I missed from IE. Don’t have to miss it anymore. Gotta love the ‘Fox.

  • Tabbrowser Extensions 1.11.2004092801

    I’ve been using this since Firefox 0.6, and installing TBE is still the first thing I do to a fresh FFx install. Possibly not for the timid, it does have more options then you can shake a mouse at. I use it mainly to get the following features: Tab bar always visible, close icon on each tab, open new tabs in background, and colored tab groups. Indispensible. Thanks Piro!

  • User Agent Switcher 0.6

    Lets you change the User Agent information reported by Firefox. Let your browser pretend to be IE or Opera, for stupid sites that care. You can also setup custome UA strings; I have one for Googlebot that I try sometimes if I think a site is cloaking. Haven’t caught one yet though.

  • Web Developer 0.8

    The plugin no web developer should be without. Too much wholesome goodness to cover here, but as I’ve said before, it’s A Party in a Toolbar.

So there you have them. Links go to the extension’s homepage. You can also find extensions at Mozilla Update and Texturizer.net’s Firefox Help. Moz Update is the ‘official’ place to go, but I find Texturizer to be so much easier to browse. You can also subscribe to MozUpdate’s New Firefox Extensions RSS Feed. You’ve seen my preferences; leave me a comment with your list of favorites- or any you found to be a bust.

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  1. steeev Says:

    Useful extension for ebayers<br/>

    ever wanted to check out all the negative feedback a user has received on ebay without having to wade through hundreds of pages of feedback, well theres now a firefox extension that will let u do this: “eBay Negs!” available at http://ebaynegs.mozdev.org