Storystate 0+2i

Version 0+2i of my Storystate plugin is available here. For full details on the uses for this plugin, see the original writeup. This version adds a single new variable, $storystate::rqst_category. This is similar in use to the standard $path variable, except that it’s built from the request URL and not the path of a given post, so it’s available in the header flavour file. This allows you to display the current category in directory style (i.e., WebDev/Blosxom/Plugins) in the header. Since it’s really only useful on category index pages, you can mix it with Rael’s interpolate_fancy plugin to do something like:

    <h2>Viewing Post Category: WebDev/Blosxom/plugins/storystate</h2>

For display purposes, the breadcrumbs plugin is probably a better choice. I added this primarily for use with per-category RSS feed autodiscovery (link to come).

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