The website hosting move has been a success. I’ve had a total of 8 hits on the old host today, so I guess the address propagation is nearly complete. Everything seems to be working fine at the new host. Spent a little time this morning setting up AWStats on the new host. That’s the package my old host offered, and I’m used to it. Eventually, I’d like to put together something of my own to do more specific analysis, but that’s a ways down my list.

My new hosting provider is Dreamhost. My old host was fine, but I really wanted shell access, which they didn’t offer. The plan I’m on now lets me host up to 15 domains, of which I’m using two. By paying for 2 years in advance, I’m paying the same as I was previously for two separate single-domain packages. If I ever need another domain (or 13), I’m all set. Sure am loving the shell access.

I’ll make a final check of my pop3 account at the old host tommorow evening, and Monday I’ll call and close the old hosting account. Prepaid a year in August, so I’ve even got a refund coming.

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