Can you see me now? Crap.

Several weeks ago, I got a surprise when trying to use my camcorder, Canon ZR65MC. After turning it on in camera mode, the image through the eyepiece was black, although the timecode and other overlayed information was visible. A quick check of the lens cap revealed that I had not, in fact, forgen to uncork the device. Opening the side-door view screen didn’t help… same problem. Some tinkering revealed that playback still worked. I thought perhaps I had somehow changed a setting, and spent several minutes trying to figure out how to restore the video. By the time I had given up, the event I wanted to capture had already begun.

Although I forgot about this for a couple of weeks, I’ve resumed my search for an answer. I could find nothing in the manual or online support website. Looks like warranty service will be needed. Fortunately, Sherri does a great job of hanging on to receipts, and I tend to keep boxes for exensive items. The camcorder was purchased last year on 11/29, so I’m still (barely) within the year’s warranty. I have to call an 800 number Monday morning to get shipping instructions. Oh, Joy.

Doing a little more digging, I found that I’m not the only one having problems. Seems alot of people with the ZR65MC, as well as the ZR60 and ZR70MC (the other two cameras that were on the market at the same time) have seen the same problem, and generally around the end of the warranty- some before, many after. At least mine happened before. I’ve been trying to see if anyone’s posted about this in Amazon’s review section, but Amazon is slow beyond use (yet again, but that’s another post). This year, Canon has a new crop of camcorders out- the ZR80, ZR85, and ZR90. I have no idea if they suffer the same flaws as their older kin, but if you plan to buy a Canon camcorder, I suggest you hang on to the receipt. I’ll post more here after I’ve talked to Canon.

Update: Canon repaired the camcorder under warranty, and I had it back less than three weeks after shipping it. Read the complete update.

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