Site Browsing Stats, November 2004

In honor of the November official launch of Firefox 1.0, and because I happened to be looking at my site stats tonight, here’s the breakdown of the browser usage for this site, as reported by my stats package, awstats. Unknown is anything the package has never heard of, whereas Others are known browsers, too small to list separately. This includes things like wget and curl, and even 57 hits from a pre-Firefox copy of Firebird. :

Browser              Hits      %age
-------              ----    ------
FireFox             34868    37.9 %
Internet Explorer   28008    30.4 %
Safari              10536    11.4 %
Unknown              6080     6.6 %
Mozilla              4103     4.4 %
NetNewsWire          3253     3.5 %
Opera                1744     1.8 %
Netscape             1525     1.6 %
Camino                518     0.5 %
Konqueror             362     0.3 %
Others                861     0.9 %

I’m very proud of my readers for using Firefox far more than Internet Explorer. As to the 30.4%, and you know who you are, go on. Try it. All the cool kids are doing it.

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3 Responses to “Site Browsing Stats, November 2004”

  1. Pwylla Says:

    wow, thatz impressive, and gives me hope. only 15% of mine are on FF.. while 63% are still on craptastic IE browsers.

  2. Jason Says:

    Taunt them<br/>

    Take drastic measures. Taunt your users. Post my stats and ask your users if they’re going to let a crappy little blog like mine beat them.

  3. chornbe Says:

    Say what you will about plug-ins, extensions, tabs, etc.

    I use the ‘Fox for one main reason: it’s hella safer. Between the popup blockers, no active-x support, more script safety and no in-bred, west-virginian integration with the OS, it’s an all around safer alternative.

    To me everything else it offers is just gravy on the meal.