The Lazy Web

Whenever I learn something very cool that’s been around for a while, I wonder if I’m the last one to the party. I’ve seen mention of the lazyweb many times… the idea is that somewhere, someone has probably already solved your problem (whatever it may be), or would like to. To invoke the lazyweb, you post a problem or question to your blog, often mentioning “Lazyweb” in the post, and sit back and wait for enlightment. You must need decent blog visibility in order to get results from the lazyweb. I’ve never really tried it, since I don’t think my readership levels are very high (and I don’t want to prove it to myself).

At least, this is what I always thought. It turns out that someone has built a tool (someone always does, that’s the point of the lazyweb). After posting your lazyweb request, you can send a trackback ping to (or if your blogging software is configured for auto-trackback, just link to it). displays the trackbacks, allowing interested (and helpful) folks to see and respond. Naturally, there’s an RSS feed as well (as seen in the Techish section of my blogroll).

Considering the bloggeratti who have worked on the site, I can’t believe I just learned about this. Makes me wonder what other gems I’m missing.

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One Response to “The Lazy Web”

  1. Jonathan M. Hollin Says:

    Well you’re certainly not the “last one to the party”, I only just heard about the Lazy Web – from yourself.

    Thanks for the heads up.