Return of the Camcorder

Here’s something I’m very past due on posting. Last month, I posted about my dead camcorder. The unit, a Canon ZR65MC has returned from Waranty-service land, and all is well. I’m impressed with Canon’s service.

I called the warranty service 800 number on Monday, Nov 22. The representative was very appologetic and helpful. The camera was shipped out the same day, to New Jersey (very fortunate, as I’m just across the Delaware River from Jersey). They returned the camera via FedEx, who tried to deliver it December 9. We missed the FedEx guy a couple of times, but finally received the camera last week. The note in the box confirmed that the CCD was replaced, and that the camcorder was also “cleaned and adjusted.” Very swift turnaround, and I’m quite pleased to have it back in time for Christmas (and in time for a pre-christmas video-editing project).

While reseearching the problem initially, I read a number reports on the web about others having the same problem (dead CCD) right before or right after the end of the warranty period. Sherri sent a letter to Canon, suggesting a recall might be in order. The day after we received the camcorder, I received a call from Canon. Sherri wasn’t home so I took the call. I couldn’t recall the details of the letter, so I didn’t ask about a recall. The woman from Canon asked if we had received the camcorder and if everything was okay. She also gave me her direct number, and asked us to call if we had any further problems with the camera at any point in the future.

This is a great example of customer service done right. After the camera first stopped working, I was ready to swear off Canon products- which is a shame, considering that I also own a Canon i960 Photo Inkjet which I love. Two excellent “personal” contacts (my initial call and their followup), plus the rapid turnaround and FedEx shipping of the repaired camera during the holidays, all adds up to a satisfied customer who will be both a repeat customer and a great word-of-mouth customer.

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