Inspired as I was by Michael McCraken’s I-Search plugin for Cocoa apps, I decided it was time to try another of Michael’s projects, Blapp. Blapp is a Cocoa weblog editor for Blosxom (and Blosxom-like) blogs. I’ve always edited my posts with wikieditish, a browser-based Blosxom editing solution. This has the advantage of allowing me to post from anywhere I have web access.

On the other hand, I write most of my posts on my Mac, and I can always use wikieditish when I’m not at my Mac. So far, I’m pretty impressed. Blapp allows me to preview my post as I type, even using my story template and css files from the site so I can see what the article will really look like. It also supports the use of an external app as a filter, which allows me to see my preview with full Markdown rendering.

Setup was a bit of a bear – I had to edit my story template a bit (Blapp doesn’t seem to understand interpolate_fancy-style variables, and I had to merge my css files (normally, one @import‘s the other. Figuring out the rsync setup was a bit of pain as well, but liberal command-line testing of the rsync command with the -n (make no changes) switch helped.

More good news, Blapp is open-source, so I can take a shot at fixing some of my complaints myself (when I have time, and when I finish reading Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X). If you blog with Blosxom and use OS X, I recommend giving it a try.

And yes, this is my first Blapp-edited post.

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