Resolution Wrap-up: 2004

Last January 1st, I decided to break with tradition and make a few resolutions. Last night at midnight, time ran out. So how did I do? Let’s check the score. I’ll also give some thoughts for the upcoming year’s resolutions, but that will be a separate post, after I think it out a bit.

  1. Spend a little extra time with my kids. I don’t think I do too badly at this now, but why not improve anyway?

    This one’s an unqualified success.

  2. Have at least one weekend getaway with my wife… and no children. We’ve been planning this forever, and never seem to get it done.

    Another success. Sherri and I spent a weekend at a B&B near Lancaster, PA last winter. It was wonderful; we’re hoping to do it again this year.

  3. Play more Chess (and hopefully improve).

    A qualified success. I definately played more in the first quarter of the year, and I think I was even starting to improve. Since that time, however I’ve played next to none.

  4. Write some fiction.

    Utter failure… never found the time or inspiration. A good goal to keep for this year, however.

  1. Finish every last piece of the Client Reporting project.

    This turned out not to even be plausible, as business needs changed. This was a poor choice of resolution, in the future I’ll keep any professional resolutions project-nuetral.

  2. Make the whole thing obsolete with a ground-up rewrite, using no VB (build directly in XML via Office 2003 native XML formats).

    This turned out not to be possible because Micro$oft once again over-promised and under-delivered; this time promising a native XML format for Excel and delivering a crippled XML format with no support for graphs.
  1. Add timestamps and notifications for comments.


  2. New design. Something a bit less… understated.

    Failure. I began work on a new deisgn, but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I still want to redesign for this year.

  3. Hit the 300 posts milestone.

    70% success. My first post of 2004 was number 100, so I needed to write 200 posts. I managed to deliver 142- in spite of a lengthy blogging hiatus over the summer. Big thanks to dugh for the October Blogging Challenge which helped get me back on track.

  4. Re-organize the categories. Use permanent redirects for moved posts.

    Success. For 2005, I want to think about restructuring the blog… moving away from strict categories, and using a ‘tag’ system like uses. This may mean a move away from Blosxom. Also, whatever I do can’t break existing URIs. Still some planning to do.

  5. Add a second, topic specific blog. Potential topics are astronomy, chess, or writing.

    I cancelled this one. Having less time for any of my other interests, let alone less time to write for this blog, convinced me of that. Instead, for 2005, I want to start writing some more personal, daily-summary/thoughts posts in addition to the more topical stuff I usually post. More on that idea in another post.

All in all, not a terrible first attempt. Later today, or during the next few days, I’ll post my 2005 list.

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4 Responses to “Resolution Wrap-up: 2004”

  1. chornbe Says:


    Funny you mentioned fiction.

    About a year and a half ago I started writing again. At first it was UO-ish, using many UO-universe elements, but now it’s more generic, similar-period fantasy type stuff.

    If you can dig up the time, I highly recommend doing it. I find myself really zoning off and forgetting about a lot of usually worrisome nonsense. It’s almost zen/hypnotic/meditative for me when I find the zone.

  2. Uncle Roger Says:

    New challenge?<br/>

    I was thinking that resolutions might make for a good challenge for January…

    Years ago, I worked for a woman who had everyone write up their goals for the year. She wanted us to come up with personal goals as well as professional ones. And not just “I’m going to lose weight” type stuff, but with a specific plan and milestones.

    Ever since, I’ve tried to come up with goals for the year, both personal and professional. I’ve not always managed to find the time to do it (it was nice to be able to do it on company time), but I definitely think it’s something valuable, especially if you revisit them at the end of the year to see not only how much you accomplished, but how your goals changed over the course of the year.

    Anyway, congrats on accomplishing the most important goal! I’m going to work on my goals for this year as well (and revisit my goals from last year.)


  3. Jason Says:

    Challenge it is<br/>

    Sounds like the perfect January Challenge. Admittedly, I never did the December challenge, but you extended it and it’s on my list to do this week (hmm… first resolution?). Do you want to announce it at I’ll link back from here as soon as you do.

  4. douglas.nerad » January Blogging Challenge Says:

    […] There are two parts to the challenge. First is to list last year’s goals and rate their success. Jason Clark did this admirably on his site, and I’ll use his template. The second part of the challenge is to set realistic goals for this coming year, with specific dates for those goals. With that in mind, here we go… […]