Googlebot, Update These

This post is for Googlebot. Go follow these links, and index them:

Thanks pal.

For the rest of you, who are probably wondering if I’ve hit my head (not that I remember), I’ll explain. While checking my referers briefly (whole other post on that topic forthcoming), I noticed what looked like a search engine hit for a topic I don’t normally post about, of an adult, or more likely a teenage male, nature. (I’m not a prude, but listing the search terms would defeat my purpose). A quick check showed that the site was a non-English search engine powered by Google.

It seems that Googlebot stopped by the day I was hit by over 2000 comment spams. Although I took the entire comment system offline to remove that crap as soon as I saw it, Googlebot must have indexed a few of the pages. Those pages linked above are the pages it indexed that day and has apparently not reindexed since. I like website traffic as much as the next blogger, but I’m really not in the market for search engine hits for animated attacks on women. I certainly don’t want to be the number #6 Google hit for that search (which I am, for the moment). The sooner Googlebot indexes the clean versions of the pages above, the better.

Also of interest, Googlebot found those pages via, instead of They are the same, but I omit the www as it is unnecessary. Other people who link to me occaisionally use the www, which is why it is indexed both ways. Of course, it shouldn’t be indexed twice, so I’ll be adding a mod_rewrite rule to my .htaccess file to permanently redirect all www. URIs to their sub-domain-free equivalents. Just to be safe, however, I think I’ll wait until Googlebot reindexes the above links.

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  1. choan Says:

    www is deprecated<br/>

    Talking about the www thing, check to find how to do the redirection.