January Blogging Challenge

Uncle Roger has again laid down the gauntlet, establishing the January challenge for posts about resolutions:

…come up with an evaluation of last year’s goals and a new set of goals for this year.

This should not be a facile collection of cliches like “I will lose weight” or “I’m going to save some money” but carefully thought out, significant goals for your life. Don’t just list indefinite, non-specific platitudes, but specific, achievable goals. Include a plan for accomplishing each goal with concrete milestones and dates.


…this challenge includes a review of your goals from last year (if any).

I’m pleased to say that I’m half finished with the challenge, as I’ve already reviewed last year’s resolutions. I’ll be posting this year’s by the end of the week(end).

These challenges have been alot of fun… I encourage you to join in this one. Be sure to link to Roger’s post, and comment over there (and here if you want). If you’ve already posted your resolutions, go link them to the challenge.

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One Response to “January Blogging Challenge”

  1. chornbe Says:

    (whew) I did. And what a tome it turned out to be.

    PS… fix your cookies. Yours is the only site that won’t “remember” me. Or am I just that forgettable? :P