Site Linking Policy

All of the content on is Creative Commons licenced – you may use it as you like as long as you give attribution and share your changes. This has been my policy almost since the beginning of the site.

Linking to the site is also encouraged; I make every effort to ensure my permalinks always work. However, linking directly to images is prohibited. If you’d like to use one of my images on your site, please make a copy and host it yourself. Someone has begun linking directly to one of my badges, which I consider a gross abuse of my bandwidth.

I have searched all over the offending website, and cannot find an email address for the site owner. Since I’ve never posted a linking policy, I would like to contact him and allow him to change his site before I take steps to prevent this. Therefore I’m posting this now, to allow him time to correct the problem. By this weekend I will be actively blocking this and possibly serving alternate content instead.

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One Response to “Site Linking Policy”

  1. Sean Says:

    Bandwidth Thievery<br/>

    You might check out this link from Reid at I used it quite a bit since my website is more image intensive. The biggest abusers are teens in community websites that like to send roses to each other in discussion boards.