The Obligatory Macworld Expo Keynote Post

Yes, this is late. Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo Keynote was days ago. It’s been a busy week. Nevertheless, here’s a few thoughts: * iLife ’05– can’t wait to play with the new Garageband. Notation rocks.

  • iWork ’05 – Two products does not a suite make- perhaps. Although it feels ‘thin’ with only two apps, Pages appears to be two apps in one- word processing and dektop publishing. OS X already comes with an e-mail client. I doubt many people need a desktop database (a la MS Access), but a 21st century version of Hypercard might get some attention (maybe a desktop Wiki, Apple style?). A spreadsheet would be nice.

  • iPod Shuffle – These will fly off the shelves. If it was available before Christmas, I might have chosen this instead of the full-sized iPod. When a co-worker mentioned Friday she’d like an iPod for exercising, but the price was high, I showed here the Shuffle online. She was ready to order one on the spot.

  • Mac Mini – My Shuffle-wanting co-worker then remembered her home computer doesn’t have a USB port (yes, it’s old). I showed here the Mac Mini. She’s ready to buy one of those, too. I expect they’ll sell a bundle of ’em. I do think they should have supported PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse connections… so many people sill have these. They could offer a little USB adapter that accepts both a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, sell it for $39 like the iPod Shuffle accessories.

  • “The Year of HD” – Whatever. If I had $3500 for an HD Camera, I think I could find other ways to spend it. I suspect most consumers feel the same way. As far as video professionals and Apple, I don’t know enough to comment.

  • For a couple of good reads on the Mac Mini and Apple’s marketing prowess, have a look at this Urban Mainframe piece and this incredible “infographic” at NiXLOG.

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