Stephenson on Star Wars

Neal Stephenson, author of the excellent Snow Crash and the unbelievably good Cryptonomicon, has written an op-ed piece for the New York Times about Star Wars, entitled Turn on, Tune in, Veg Out (via Bianary Bonsai). It’s an excellent read- both for what it says about the movies, and for what it says about our culture. Highly recommended.

Speaking of Stephenson, if you’ve never read his essay, In the Beginning was the Command Line, I also recommend it. The link points to a full-text online version. It’s a bit dated now (BeOS is dead, and OS X has changed the Mac landscape in many ways), but still an excellent read.

Incidentally, the final volume of Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, System of the World, will finally be in trade paperback this September. This means I’ll be starting the series this summer. Looking forward to it.

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