iMovie HD + Griffin Powermate Problem, and Solution

A couple of years ago, I received a Griffin Powermate for Christmas. I use it as shuttle control in iMovie and Garageband, and I love it. The only improvement I can think of would be a finger-tip recess in the top surface, to support rapid mutli-turn spinning (great for zipping through footage in iMovie – hold shift to zoom through at 10x speed).

I recently started importing all my old 8mm tapes via my DV camcoder, to burn to DVD and to re-archive on DV tape. Since I was importing from 8mm using my DV camcoder’s AV->DV feature, I has to manually split each import into multiple clips in iMovie. While doing this, I found that the Powermate didn’t work with iMovie anymore- it was just controlling the master system volume. Using the Powermate wdiget in System Preferences, I located the iMovie settings, and hit apply. The Powermate worked fine in iMovie again.

But each time I quit and restarted iMovie, or used the Powermate outside of iMovie, it would “forget” the iMovie setting and become a volume knob again. I found no solution on the Griffin website, so I emailed their support department. I received a reply a few days later, which solved my problem.

Seems that when last I did any serious work in iMovie (about a year ago) was prior to iLife 05, and so prior to iMovie HD. The settings in System Prefs (which I think were auto-installed with the Powermate) were for “iMovie”, not “iMovie HD.” I guess the name change means the settings weren’t inherited during the upgrade, which makes sense. I just added a new batch of settings for iMovie HD, and now it works perfectly again.

Thanks for the reply, Griffin. The only thing nicer than a great product is a great product with great support.

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2 Responses to “iMovie HD + Griffin Powermate Problem, and Solution”

  1. GUILLERMO Says:

    Hey jclark,

    I’ve been looking at the Powermate (since it looks so cool) but I’m really not sure it will actaully help me speed up iMovie editing. Any thoughts on PM’s utility vs cool factor?

  2. Rick Says:

    Sorry to reply to a post from years ago! When you’re using the powermate to edit in garageband does it allow you to scrub audio? (shuttle forwards and backwards at varying speeds while you can actually still HEAR the tracks.) Would be soooo helpful! Thanks