iPhoto ’06 Drive-by Review

Since I was at the mall anyway Staurday night getting new cell phones & service (from Cingular- but that’s another post), I stopped by the Apple Store to check the new Intel iMacs. Needing something to use to judge speed, I fired up iPhoto and proceeded to zoom and scroll about. Snappy. Snappy enough that I had to attribute at least part of the performance to iPhoto ’06. My iPhoto ’05 install, containing only around 3700 of the rated 25,000 picture capacity, had been so prone to beachballitis as to be nearly unusable. Although I was a bit leary that my year-old G5 wouldn’t perform as well as the cooler-than-thou CoreDuo chunk o’ geek-porn I tried at the store, I went ahead and dropped the 79.00 USD to pick up iLife ’06.

In a nutshell: worth every cent- and that’s just based on 10 minutes of playing with iPhoto ’06. So. Much. Faster. No really- it is. I can actually use iPhoto again without force-quitting it every 10 minutes. And the “Scroll Guide”, a see-through pop-up bezel that shows the Month/Year as you scroll, is a nice touch. Rotating photos in gallery mode is much faster as well- nearly instantaneous, even with a dozen pictures selected.

I’ll try to post a few words about the other iApps when I fire them up (except iWeb… don’t think I’ll need that).

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2 Responses to “iPhoto ’06 Drive-by Review”

  1. douglas.nerad Says:

    The others are nice, too<br/>

    Some of the new interface is odd, like adding FX or other items to movies, but once you get used to it, it’s all a snap. I want to try Garageband’s “soundtrack” function at some point soon. It allows you to play/preview video while you’re composing music. Quite handy!

  2. chornbe Says:

    iLife continues to be a great product (suite). The major issue with iWeb or whatever it’s called is that it only works with .mac.

    I personally consider that a huge mistake. But that’s just me.