Pocketful of Links

Just as afternoon shopping leads to a pocketful of change, a busy day’s webrowsing leads to many new shinys in my del.icio.us bookmarks. Here’s a handful I’ll toss on the dresser at the end of the day.

  • Rivinus Photography Gallery – Regular readers have seen Sean’s work before. He’s recently made the move to full-time photographer, which is fantastic. His gallery includes many samples of his fine art photography, including some fascinating macro work- M.C. Escher fans be sure to look for his piece “Stacked Nuts.”

  • The Annotated XML Spec – If you’re an XML geek (or just play one at work), here’s a chance to read over the shoulder with one of the fathers of XML, Tim Bray.

  • Al Gore: “Restoring the Rule of Law” – Text of a speech to the Liberty Coalition on Jan 16, 2006. I’ve never discussed politics on this site- mine or anyone else’s. This time I’ll make an exception. I consider myself a conservative. I never voted for Al Gore. I think this essay is spot on, and everyone should read this and actually think about it. [via douglas.nerad].

  • Life in Text Mode – Because GUIs are for sissies. [via 0xDECAFBAD]

  • Do-it-Yourself .Mac – If it was easy, everyone would do it.

  • The iRex Iliad – Not-yet-to-market eBook reader that uses the same eInk technology as the Sony Librié, but supports a number of non-proprietary document types. I’ll be watching to see how it’s priced; I’ve always wanted a device with that display.

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