Thanks for the Comments

To all of my regular readers and occaisional visitors, if you have left a comment, thanks. You make this site better when you contribute.

I maintain this website for a few reasons- to have a place to vent, a place to play, and especially, a place to contribute the odd bit of knowledge. Personal validation isn’t on the list. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see that something I’ve written has helped someone, or made them think. I love to see new comments- it means that what I’m doing here is useful to someone besides myself.

Last week, I received a comment on an old Perl Howto from a year and a half ago. It was the first comment I’ve received on that post, and it was exceedingly brief. It was also one of my favorites. I reproduce it here, in its entirety:

nice! just what I needed. mime::parser->parse requires a file handle….

Comment from David at 2/7/2006 16:04:45

David didn’t leave a link or an email address, just a brief hammering of keys, but it’s a great comment. First, he tells me I helped him. “Just what I needed.” Now there’s a reason to keep blogging. Second, he mentions how he’s using it- the CPAN module Mime::Parser. This amounts to extra info for Google, so the next time someone is trying to figure out how to feed a Perl scalar to Mime::Parser->parse, they’ll be that much more likely to find the info they need. The site is improved by this comment.

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  1. douglas nerad Says:


    It’s always the random comments like David’s that make for a good day!