This is My Final Post

…to the Blosxom-based blog I’ve run at this location for three years. In fact, my three year anniversary passed silently four days ago.

However, I’m not done blogging yet. As great as Blosxom is, I’m ready for something with less friction. I’ve decided to migrate this site to WordPress.

So what’s in store?

  • Existing posts will remain
  • Existing comments will remain
  • Comments will be reactivated (!)
  • I’ll publish my Blosxom-to-Wordpress conversion method/code
  • Date-based permalinks
  • Existing permalinks will work
  • The categories will remain as archives, but new posts will be use tags
  • I hope to get the old posts tagged as well
  • A brand new layout (finally!)
  • A valid Atom 1.0 feed (I had to hack this in, I’ll publish my code after the conversion)
  • Hopefully, I’ll start posting again!

The timeline’s not set, but I’m hoping to have everything done this weekend. There’s still one major technical issue to overcome, but I’ve asked for help in the WP support forum, and I’m poking around in the code. Stay tuned.

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One Response to “This is My Final Post”

  1. Sean Says:

    I see you are starting the migration. I like the photograph at the top of the page.