WordPress Plug-in Sought

I have a WordPress problem, and I’m hoping someone can point me at a plug-in that will help. If not, perhaps I’ll take a crack at it myself.

Like most bloggers, I use comment moderation to help prevent spam (along with Akismet, which does alot of the heavy lifting). I’m also using the option “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”. This option allows comments to bypass moderation if the commenter has a previously approved comment. In general, I prefer this approach – there are certainly some of you who comment here from time to time, and I’d rather your comments go live straightaway rather than wait on me to moderate. On the other hand, I’ve got about 10 comments right now awaiting moderation, because they aren’t really spam, but I don’t want to give the commenter a free pass to comment in the future. For example, my Ubuntu drive mounting tutorial draws a lot of thank-you comments, and many of them are very brief- they could be legit, or they could be someone trying to get me to approve one comment, so they can spam freely.

So what I want – I’d like an option on the Moderation Queue screen to approve a comment without “approving the commenter” so to speak. Anyone know of a plugin to accomplish this?

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