Joe Gregorio asks how many devices in your house have an IP address. Here’s the count:

  1. My iMac
  2. My wife’s MacBook
  3. My daughter’s MacBook
  4. The kid’s PC in the basement (for playing PC games)
  5. A Ubuntu-based file server in the basement
  6. A Ubuntu-based security camera DVR server
  7. The cable modem
  8. A Linksys WRT54G Wireless router running OpenWRT – my primary router
  9. A Linksys BEFSR41 wired router, which is acting as a switch slaved to the 54G
  10. Another Linksys WRT54G, a revision 5 running DD-WRT (getting OpenWRT working on the low-memory rev 5 is a pain), acting as a wireless bridge to the primary 54G
  11. An XBox 360
  12. A Nintendo Wii
  13. My son’s PSP
  14. My daughter’s PSP
  15. The upstairs TiVo
  16. The downstairs TiVo

In addition, there are several other devices in the house that could have an IP address if connected:

  1. My wife’s old Windows Laptop, no longer in use
  2. A PS2
  3. An XBox
  4. Four cell phones, I think- they have web-browsing capabilities we don’t use, I assume that when browsing the device obtains an IP address.

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2 Responses to “Connectivity”

  1. douglas.nerad » Devices on the Network Says:

    […] Jason answered an interesting question, How many devices on your house network have an IP address? I didn’t think I had so many until I started making a list… […]

  2. chornbe Says:

    Ah, but how many of them are public addresses vs. private addresses hidden behind a wall? I wonder when IPv6 will be mainstreamed and will become the standard.