Logic Studio

Apple has updated their flagship music authoring software, Logic Pro, as part of the new Logic Studio, available for 499.00 USD. Last time I checked, Logic Pro was 999.00 USD. Wow. Among scads of new features (MainStage looks awesome), it includes all of the content of the first 5 Jam Packs (the new Voices pack apparently didn’t make the cut), “featuring redesigned content that incorporates the professional sound quality of Studio Instruments and Studio Effects.” In other words, for the money it would cost you to purchase those Jam Packs, you can now get the complete Logic Studio. They even removed the stupid dongle.


Of course, my hard drive is nearly full to bursting as it is. I’ve been idly considering an upgrade to a shiny new Intel Mac for early next year. I really don’t want to wait that long to grab Studio, but it’s not in the budget right now anyway.

But still. Want.

I know where my 100.00 USD iPhone gift certificate is going.

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